Travelling Fiddler

Traditional fiddle music from around the world

Travelling Fiddler, 1-2Vl (0)Travelling Fiddler, 1-2Vl (1)Travelling Fiddler, 1-2Vl (2)Travelling Fiddler, 1-2Vl (3)
1-2 violini; chitarra ad lib.
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The full range of traditional fiddle repertoire is now at your fingertips! Using these generous collections, you can create your own ceilidh, barn dance, jazz club or Sarajevo street-café. Some of this music is familiar, some more exotic, but all of it is absolutely authentic, faithfully arranged and, above all, hugely enjoyable.

Each title in the series is available in two formats: the Violin Edition (with an optional easy violin part and guitar chords); or the Complete Edition, which also includes both keyboard and violin accompaniments. Either format is hugely flexible, which means the music can be played as solos, duets or trios as well as with larger ensembles.

Edward Huws Jones has travelled extensively researching fiddle-playing traditions. In each book he explains the background of the particular musical style, giving his own suggestions for a lively performance.


  • Preface & Performance Notes

Music from Hungary and Transylvania:

  • Song of the ghetto (Gettó notá)
  • Dance (Tánc)
  • Slow leaping dance (Ritka szökös)
  • Fast csardas (Sürü csárdás)
  • Shall I, shan't I? (Neki menje, ne menjek?)
  • Dangling dance (Akasztós)

Music from the Bucharest area of Rumania:

  • Dance melody I (Melodie de joc I)
  • Dance melody II (Melodie de joc II)
  • Song (Cântec)
  • Dance melody III (Melodie de joc III)

Popular and restaurant-style Gypsy music

  • The silver leaves of the poplar tree (Lehullott a rezgö nyárfa ezüstszínü levele)
  • The four corners of my handkerchief (Zsebkendöm négy sarka)
  • Would you tell that girl? (Mondja meg annak a kisleánynak)
  • On the waves of Lake Balaton (Hullámzó Balaton tetején)
  • I've danced my boots off (A csizmámon nincsen kéreg)
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Travelling Fiddler, 1-2VlKlv;Git (KlavpaSt)

Travelling Fiddler

Traditional fiddle music from around the world

per: 1-2 violini, pianoforte; chitarra ad lib.

spartito per pianoforte, voce sola

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In magazzino. Tempi di consegna 2–5 giorni lavorativi (it)
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