Dave Stryker

Dave Stryker's Jazz Guitar Improvisation Method

D. Stryker: Dave Stryker's Jazz Guitar Improvisation Me, Git (0)D. Stryker: Dave Stryker's Jazz Guitar Improvisation Me, Git (1)D. Stryker: Dave Stryker's Jazz Guitar Improvisation Me, Git (2)
Edizionespartito (con tablature), audio online
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Autore / CompositoreDave Stryker
Formato56 Pagine
Editore / ProduttoreMel Bay Publications
N° del produttoreMLB21114M


Dave explains his approach to jazz improvisation with musical examples that he himself uses, learned from years of playing with the greats - after learning how to play jazz from listening to players such as Grant Green, Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino. Explains the minor sub approach using minor scales to play over dominant seventh chords, and then includes several solos over often-played jazz standards, using this approach.

Also described are the use of the blues and pentatonic scales as well as be-bop ideas, the melodic minor scale, and whole-tone and diminished scales and patterns. Hanon-type warm up exercises and Dave's own fingerings shown in tab are also described.Perfect for intermediate-to-more advanced players, Dave's concise way of explaining his approach will open up the students to developing their own improvisational ideas. Dave plays the examples and solos on the audio including tracks with a rhythm only section for student play-along. Includes access to online audio.


  • Notes from Dave
  • Often Asked Questions about Music
  • The Minor Sub Approach
  • Chord - Scale Chart
  • Passing Tones
  • Sub Approach Exercises
  • "Solo Ideas for ""Autumn Leaves"""
  • "Solo Ideas for ""Well You Needn't"""
  • Minor Sub Arpeggio Blues Exercise
  • Minor Sub Arpeggio Blues Exercise with Step Approach
  • Blues No. 1
  • Blues #1 Solo Using Minor Sub Approach
  • F Blues Scale
  • Blues in F No. 2
  • Blues in F No. 3
  • "Using the Blues Scale and Minor Arpeggios for Solo Ideas on ""Song for My Father"""
  • "Solo Ideas for ""Song for My Father"""
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • "Solo Ideas for ""Blue Bossa"" Using Pentatonic Scales and Patterns"
  • Turnarounds and Bebop Phrases
  • Quotes
  • "Solo Ideas for ""Afternoon in Paris"" Using Bebop Phrases and Turnarounds"
  • The Melodic Minor Scale
  • Whole Tone Scale and Patterns
  • Diminished Scales and Patterns
  • C Minor Blues
  • "Solo Ideas for ""All the Things You Are"""
  • "Solo Ideas for ""(I Got) Rhythm Changes"""
  • "Solo Ideas for ""Cherokee"""
  • Giant Steps
  • Hanon-Type Warm-Up Exercises for Guitar
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