Martin Röttger (* 1970)

Cajon Method

The quick and easy way to leran cajon

M. Röttger: Cajon Method, Cajon (+CDDVD) (0)M. Röttger: Cajon Method, Cajon (+CDDVD) (1)M. Röttger: Cajon Method, Cajon (+CDDVD) (2)M. Röttger: Cajon Method, Cajon (+CDDVD) (3)M. Röttger: Cajon Method, Cajon (+CDDVD) (4)M. Röttger: Cajon Method, Cajon (+CDDVD) (5)M. Röttger: Cajon Method, Cajon (+CDDVD) (6)

Slow Rock Groove II (Demo)

Slow Rock Groove II (Play-Along)

HipHop Groove I (Demo)

Edizionelibro di testo (con notazione standard), cd, dvd
№ dell’articolo558716
Autore / CompositoreMartin Röttger
Editore / ProduttoreEdition Hage
N° del produttoreEH 3767


  • Basic information and playing techniques
  • New single line notation system ensures rapid learning progress
  • Playbacks as sound examples and to play along with
  • Instructional DVD with over 120 min. playing time
  • For beginners and advanced players

Martin Röttger is regarded as one of the finest cajon players in Europe. With his great new cajon method you can begin playing your first grooves on your own cajon within 10 minutes. The combination of instructional book, audio CD and DVD offers every beginner the perfect introduction to playing this amazing instrument.

The newly developed single line notation system with four different noteheads is easy to read and ensures rapid learning progress. All the fundamentals and essential playing techniques as well as 13 different musical styles, each in 4 variations and 3 degrees of difficulty, are clearly and concisely explained. On the CD is a great playback for each musical style in two versions with cajon to hear how it should sound and without to play along to.

The instructional DVD with over 120 minutes playing time is an ideal audiovisual learning aid and presents the entire contents of the book on video. Perfect both for music classes and private study.

24,90  €
Tempi di consegna: 3–6 giorni lavorativi (Italia)
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