Dave Limina

Hammond Organ Complete

Tunes, Tones, and Techniques for Drawbar Keyboards
2nd edition

Dave Limina - Hammond Organ CompleteDave Limina - Hammond Organ CompleteDave Limina - Hammond Organ CompleteDave Limina - Hammond Organ CompleteDave Limina - Hammond Organ CompleteDave Limina - Hammond Organ Complete

Bass Pedals, Left-Hand Comping, And Right-Hand Melody

Blues Techniques 4

fürElektronische Orgel
AusgabeLehrbuch (mit Noten), online Playback
Autor / KomponistDave Limina
Umfang136 Seiten; 23 × 30,5 cm
Verlag / HerstellerBerklee Press


Build your Hammond chops! The secret to creating funky sizzles and classic Hammond sounds is mastering the combined use of the drawbars, expression pedal, and the Leslie speaker speed switch. Sound complicated and intimidating? It doesn't have to be! This hands-on guide takes you step-by-step through the techniques of playing the drawbar organ, one skill at a time.

Whether you're comping a rock tune or playing lead in a jazz trio, command of the Hammond organ will make you a sought-after player. Groove with this fun and comprehensive Hammond method! Learn to: play gospel, R&B, jazz, blues, funk, and rock with an authentic Hammond feel; Improve your playing skills with hands-on exercises.

The accompanying recordings include 21 exercises, plus performance demonstrations of eight songs with minus-organ versions so you can play along; Achieve special effects used by the great Hammond organists, including unique tips and tricks for all drawbar instruments; Understand all the parts of the organ and how to use them, including percussion, expression pedal, vibrato, chorus, and the Leslie speaker; and much more!

Audio is accessed online using the unique code inside the book and can be streamed or downloaded. The audio files include PLAYBACK+, a multi-functional audio player that allows you to slow down audio without changing pitch, set loop points, change keys, and pan left or right.

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