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Charles Dancla (1817 – 1907)

36 Melodious and Easy Studies

Essential Exercises

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Autore / CompositoreCharles Dancla
EditoreMartin Müller-Runte, Julia Müller-Runte
Formato52 Pagine
Editore / ProduttoreSchott Music
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Charles Dancla (1817-1907) is considered to be the last great representative of the French Violin School. He was a composer, solo violinist at the Paris Opera and professor at the Paris Conservatoire and wrote numerous educational works for violin, including his well-known three-volume work Little School of Melody'. He knew, in a unique way, how to implement the principle 'no music without technique, no technique without music' in his teaching material. This is the case in his easy melodic studies Op. 84 which are available here in an arrangement for viola for the first time. These studies are perfectly suited for young beginners after the second year, but also for adult players, false beginners or those switching instruments. Most of them can be effectively used as little performance pieces, providing an excellent foundation for every advanced étude or concert piece. Each study is preceded by new or revised exercises which either deal with specific problems relating to the playing technique, like change of string, spiccato, martelé, chromaticism, change of position, octaves, or double stops, or present the tonal material of the respective study in a condensed, playful form.Those who prefer Dancla's somewhat easier original preliminary exercises will find them in the appendix.


Moderato - Moderato - Moderato Cantabile - Andante - Moderato - Allegro moderato - Moderato - Andante con moto - Walzer - Moderato - Andante cantabile - Maestoso risoluto - Moderato - Moderato - Allegretto - Moderato - Andante espressivo - Die Jagd des jungen Heinrich - Walzer - Moderato - "Voi che spete" de L'Opéra "Le Nozze di Figaro" de W.A. Mozart - Variation über ein Thema aus "Figaro" - 6/8-Variante - Gavotte de A. Corelli - Les Folies d'Espagne - Le Rossignol. Petite étude pastorale - Etüde durch drei Lagen - Moderato - Moderato - Variante in der 1. & 3. Lage - "Une fièvre brulante" Air de A.M. Grétry - Andante - Thème varié de L'Oratorio "Judas Maccabaeus" de G.F. Händel - Il Carnebalde di Venezia - W.A. Mozart: Thème de L'Opéra "Don Giovanni" - God save the King (Englische Nationalhymne) - Allegro moderato - Allegretto grazioso - Moderato - Exercices origineaux

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