Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)

Six Partitas BWV 825-830

Henle Urtext Editions

Johann Sebastian Bach - Six Partitas BWV 825-830Johann Sebastian Bach - Six Partitas BWV 825-830Johann Sebastian Bach - Six Partitas BWV 825-830Johann Sebastian Bach - Six Partitas BWV 825-830Johann Sebastian Bach - Six Partitas BWV 825-830Johann Sebastian Bach - Six Partitas BWV 825-830
Edizionespartito (edizione Urtext)
№ dell’articolo778190
Autore / CompositoreJohann Sebastian Bach
EditoreUllrich Scheideler
Formato148 Pagine; 23,5 × 31 cm
Anno di pubblicazione2020
Editore / ProduttoreHenle Verlag
N° del produttoreHN 518


Bach’s Six Partitas form what is presumably the most famous and challenging collection of suites in music history. Bach was aware of the weightiness of his cycle as he initially had these multi-movement partitas, composed in Leipzig between 1726 and 1730, published in individual editions. This culminated in their publication in an anthology that proudly sports the opus number “1” in 1731.

Their diversity of forms knows no bounds and the musical texture is infused with the most ingenious counterpoint, but at the same time performers will not miss out on the enjoyment of virtuosic playing in any way.

G. Henle Publishers presents this magnum opus in a revised Urtext edition that consults the original editions as well as autograph sources while also extensively documenting the numerous entries in correction copies from Bach’s circle. In addition, the ornamented versions have been included in the appendix. A true milestone!


  • Partita 1 B flat major BWV 825
  • Partita 2 c minor BWV 826
  • Partita 3 a minor BWV 827
  • Partita 4 D major BWV 828
  • Partita 5 G major BWV 829
  • Partita 6 e minor BWV 830
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